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The Shit List
(The shit hit the fan on 2006.01.06)

Rather than calling it "plagiarism," I decided to borrow an idea from the webmistress of Angel Egg to list the sites who have taken the romaji lyrics and translations that I did and put them on their site without giving me credit.

Romanizing lyrics and translating songs take a long time and a lot of effort and I do not appreciate when someone puts them on their site or posts them on a message board without giving some sort of credit to me or a link to my site. Or worse, taking the credit themselves. That sort of thing makes me question why I keep on updating this site and why I'm spending so much time & money on it.

For this reason, I made a "shit list" section to point out the sites who have posted the lyrics I romanized and translated without credit or a link to my site. If you don't want your site to be featured on the list, please click here for examples of giving credit.

On another note, this does not apply to any kanji/kana lyrics that are on my site. Feel free to post them if you want. Those lyrics are copyrighted to the songwriter.

1. This JAM site "borrowed" my romaji lyrics without permission or without giving me the credit. It's quite obvious that these are done by me. Look at the typos, who the hell can make the same kind of typos without copying???

2. This other JAM site took my lyrics too. I'm the only one who mistakenly called that Pop Life song "Lunch in Savannah," when the actual song is called "Ranch in Savannah." Also, they also don't have the lyrics for "Omedetou," "Yuugure," or "Egoist" like me.

3. Check out this review by Akuma (I think the name says it all) of Amuro Namie's Genius 2000 CD. Then take a look at mine. This pisses me off more because I had to think of what to write for this review, and this person didn't merely "borrow" it, the bastard took the credit!!!.

4. Some time last year, I mentioned that this site put a lot of album lyrics from my site without permission or credit or a link to my site. I emailed the webmaster about it & asked him to remove them, which he did. He told me that they were submitted by some people in his mailing list & didn't bother to check if they were from another site. Well, suddenly they reappeared again, with another album lyric of mine added (Yaida Hitomi's Air/Cook/Sky / my romaji) so this site will be on the Plagiarism list until the webmaster removes all of the album lyrics that I did from his site. (Updated 2004.04.03)

aiko - Aki Soba ni Iru (My lyrics / their lyrics)
[Even the lyrics I didn't add mysteriously isn't on their site]
aiko - Natsufuku (My lyrics / their lyrics)
aiko - Sakura no Ki no Shita (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Aiuchi Rina - A.I.R. (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Do As Infinity - Gates of Heaven (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Every Little Thing - Many Pieces (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Fukada Kyoko - Universe (My lyrics / their lyrics)
[They're missing the 1st song like I did]
Hirai Ken - Gaining Through Losing (My lyrics / their lyrics)
I WiSH - Tsutaetai Kotoba ~Namida no Ochiru Basho~ (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Matsu Takako - a piece of life (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Matsu Takako - singles collection (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Matsu Takako - Harvest Songs (My lyrics / their lyrics)
[My translation of "Honto no Kimochi" is included]
Misia - Love Is The Message (My lyrics / their lyrics)
[My translation of "Ame no Nichiyoubi" is included]
Yaida Hitomi - Air/Cook/Sky (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Yaida Hitomi - Candlize (My lyrics / their lyrics)

There were others, but I got fed up so I let them slide.

5. This site claims that the translations & romaji on his site are his, but he stole them from my site. Compare:
Crystal Kay - almost seventeen (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Crystal Kay - Always & Forever (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Double - double (My lyrics / their lyrics)
Double - Vision (My lyrics / their lyrics)

6. God, I hate large lyric databases that cover everything from English to Japanese to who knows what. A couple of these stupid sucky sites have stolen my lyrics. Most noteable is the Kouda Kumi translation of "Rain" that I did. Compare: (My translation / their translation)

7. really needs to check other sites to make sure that they're not adding lyrics that were stolen from other people's sites. I've encountered several lyrics that I originally had on my site that was put on their site and someone else was given credit for it. The latest one I found is Core of Soul's "The Spirit of This Place." I would inform the people, but it seems like they might eat me alive because of the strict guidelines that they have.

Anyways, compare: (My translation / translation by Kasumi01 (yeah right) on their site)

Granted, this person capitalizes the beginning of every line and sometimes omits the commas that I put in, but it's still the same damn translation WORD FOR WORD! Shame on this person.